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Painting Tanks
« on: June 23, 2014, 07:12:37 PM »
At the last auction some one bought some acrylic backgrounds for his tanks. I asked him why he used them instead of painting the tank with spray paint. He said he could never get it to stick to the glass. I have all my tanks painted (90) and every time I buy a new one I paint it. It's easy to do just buy a roll of Blue Painters tape

a can of Fusion Paint and some Acetone

Sorry about the pics being large, that's all I could find!

First wash and clean the tank thoroughly with water, then use the painters tape to tape up the black plastic on the tank that you don't want painted; nest clean the surface with the acetone making sure that you don't touch the glass after cleaning with your fingers (leaves Oily Prints) so paint will stick; next very carefully spray paint the glass areas you want painted. Give it alight coat at first the enough coats to get the coverage you want. I usually look on the inside to see where the light is coming in through the glass to see if I sprayed it evenly enough. You should get about (3) ten gallon tanks spray with one can of paint. I buy it at Walmart for $ 4.49 a can.

It works great and is made to paint glass. You can scrape it off very easily with a razor blade, not too easily though it stands up to moderate handling. OH! remember you are only painting the outside of the tank not the inside and make sure it is completely dry before using the paint, it won't stick. Good luck!

Some of my painted tanks

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