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Dave Parks Photo

My name is David Parks and currently I am the purchasing manager for Segrest Farms where I have worked for the last five years. I began, as I am sure many in the pet industry did, by keeping anything that swam, crawled or flew around our house in Central New Jersey where I grew up. I was recruited by my local pet shop when I was 16 where I spent the next 8 years working retail. Through the years I have had many pets including a mini pig, dogs, cats, birds, tarantulas and chameleons but my first love has always been fish. I would like to cover a bit about Segrest Farms for those who may not know us or be familiar with us as well as talk a bit about where the fish that we supply come from and how they are raised. The story of these animals and the hard working people who grow them and fish them is amazing and one I am honored to be a part of.